Rihanna Nipples and Other Things That Pop Up

rihanna nipplesIt seems like only yesterday, but it’s actually 5 years ago (holy fuck!) that I first wrote about Rihanna. At the time, she was a cutie from the Islands, a barely legal Ebony teen girl with an amazing natural look and a sweet personality that seemed to come through in everything. Fast forward 5 years, and you get this: a black hood rat type girl with pierced nipples showing off in public and generally being pretty skanky about it. I guess that’s what having rapper hood type boyfriends will do for you. Rihanna has pierced nipples (obviously!) and more ink than a newspaper now, a real shift. Do you still think she is sexy? Or has Rihanna turned more slutty than hot?

Meanwhile, in other news, I have been working on all sorts of stuff, some changes upcoming in plenty of things, don’t miss out on the new Major TGP, which is really an old site brought back from the dead. Also, check out Erotica House for some hot live cams, that one is new too and will soon be a full sexy site. Other than that, I have a ton of new things on the plate coming up, stay tuned and don’t miss out. The summer is hot but I think this fall is going to be even hotter!