Sure enough, expressvu screwed it up again…

Bell Canada just blows my mind.

Okay, ongoing saga. 2 days ago I went online to my account (they do have some decent online tools for account management, I have my phone, dsl, and sat tv all in one place… a nice touch) and changed the programming on my system. They sent me this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for using our web site to update your programming. Please note that any addition to your programming will be effective within the next 24 to 48 hours.


Thank you,

Bell ExpressVu Customer Service Department

If you still experience problems, fill out the Contact Us form at (I took the URL out, it is useless).

So I figured, hot damn, they actually have a system in place that works!  I should have come here to start with!

Wrongo Bongo.

I had this feeling today (2 days later) that nothing was happening.  So I call their ever friendly customer service and check to see how long it is going to take for the automated change to go through.  The girl puts me on hold for a damn long time, and comes back and says “there was a programming change, but it was reversed on the 8th”.  Wrong change, girl.  I put this one in on the 9th.  This confused her beyond all get out, she asked me stuff about three times and then put me back on hold for about an ice age of time.   Finally she comes back and announces somewhat proudly, I thought: “We have no change for your account”.

I think it was how happy and pleasant she was about saying that there was nothing on file.  It really seemed to make her day that there was (hopefully) nothing else for her to do here.  I was really blown away by the attitude.

Thankfully I had a printout, and she had to manually enter the programming.

Anyway, all to say that finally I have programming I want at about $35 LESS than I was paying before.  That by itself is a major piece of joy for me, understanding that they would have been getting more money out of me if they hadn’t fucked it all up so badly.  It is quite pleasant, really.  One of the few minor victories in all of this for me.

Now, tomorrow I will start to work on moving the dish outside.  I have spotted a decent enough location that should work well with the 91 bird, but I am not so sure with the 82.  That will be a whole different game when we get to it, I guess. Then I can look at getting the upgrade done one of these years, but I think I am putting that off for a while now.