Some nice and new yummy stuff

Okay, some new yummy stuff for you to enjoy:

Kyla Cole: Penthouse pet yes, sexy, yes… and a skilled carpet licker… oh yeah! Click here to see more of her!

Evelyn Lory: From the other end of the tits scale, Evelyn Lory is a sexy and petite chested girl… I love this photoset! Click to see!
Hot Erotic Stories: I had a girl over the net come to me a couple of years ago and dare me to write a story about her, using only the facts that she was 18 at the time and loved to ride horses… and that she wasn’t very experienced in the sex world. So I wrote Rodeo Games, a very hot and sexy story with a nice little older / younger twist in the middle.

Porn Pig: I continue to work on my blog aggregator Porn Pig’s Porn Party. I have someone off now developing a great theme for the site, and I have added a couple of new blogs on there in the last couple of days. I recommend bookmarking it because this site I think is going to be popular!

Updated: I also finished up a new look for Go Stories Erotic Stories Links… this is one of the first sites I have developed using pretty much 100% CSS, trying to make the site a little neater and cleaner and to get away from the sloppy ass HTML I use to do. I think the site looks nice and light now, and the links are easier to read… plus the page loads MUCH faster because there is about 40% less code on the page. Win win all around, I think. I am going to be adding some stories and archives over here soon too…so enjoy! Bookmark this one if you love stories.

I am working on some other stuff as well over the weekend, so more to post soon, I am sure!