Summer off

Many people talk about “taking the summer off”. I think every office worker dreams about wandering away when the summer months come and heading back to work in September, sort of the same way we use to get out of school when we were kids. Well, for me, school is out. Chatboard school, that is.

I have spent much time in the last couple of years involved in the social aspects of being in the adult industry. Running link sites and what not does require a certain amount of social interaction, and I have been pretty social, I can say. For years I have done all the adult trade shows, working in partnership with other people on developing sites and traffic, and generally I played the social game.

About a year ago, I started to take less of an interest in the social parts of the business.  I don’t attend anywhere near as many trade shows, and I haven’t seen much of a difference in the bottom line of my business, which tells me I am on to something.  But that isn’t really what has brought on the vacation.

In the last 8 or 9 months, a few individuals have decides that they didn’t like private comments I have made, and they have spent that time making my time in public chat boards more and more unproductive.  I have tried all the usual techniques, not paying attention, purposely stepping away from situations that might cause issues, etc.  I have been very careful “not to go there”.   Apparently this isn’t enough for some people.

Update Nov 2014: 8 years later, I know… but I just wanted to say that I get a particular laugh in realizes that all of those people who annoyed me and claimed to know better are pretty much all gone from the adult world. They knew so much that they went broke and quit. The adult world is entirely different from what it was when I posted this, and there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that I am surviving where the ‘experts’ failed in a big, public way. Good riddance to bad garbage!

It’s okay… tons of work to do, many new things to develop properly (like Free pornstar movies and Sologirl Amateurs ), so I will stick with working and developing and producing and not worry too much about what self-important people think.