Happy Victoria Day (or whatever the fuck it is)

I should know better, considering my duel citizenship puts me both as Canadian and British… I should know more about the Queen’s birthday and whatnot, but I honestly cannot be bothered.  Worse, because of issues in QUebec, they call it something else, so that french people won’t get offended or something by taking a holiday on the Queen.  What the fuck ever.

That’s not my department, so fuck it.

Updates time… Porn Pig Blog Thing got it’s facelift, not entirely done but pretty much on the go.  A little frustrating because the designers used non-standard techniques in the template which makes it a little hard to make changes, some features are missing, and so on… but I am getting it all together and it is looking better all the time.   More and more people are bookmarking the site, so that is a good sign 🙂

I also added almost 1000 galleries into the rotation at Sexy Asian Thumbs, and I changed the display order a bit to put the most popular thumbs right near the top of the page.   This means you can find the asian pussy you want faster, m’kay?  Me love you longtime and faster too.

As you can see from the RSS feeds on the side of the site, there are a tons of updates all over the place, I have been working hard to find fresh porn and get it up and running as quick as I can… so stay tuned!

Oh yeah… 170 babeeeeeeeeee!   🙂