Second week almost over

Woke up this morning to see the electronic scale bouncing between 178 and 177, so that means probably half a pound since yesterday, not all bad.

I think I have reached the point of being both comfortable with the induction and low carb lifestyle that comes with it, and a little tired of having to say no to things.  I  have run into my first naysayer (” don’t do it, you look alright, yadda yadda “).  It is someone who’s opinion I value most of the time, but who recently seems to be getting further and further away from the mark on things I am trying to accomplish.  That person doesn’t realize that things like this are only steps in a process that happens in almost every life, and one we must face with the strength and courage of our convictions and desires.  So this is one of those things that I have to face with one of my wingmen sitting on the bench, not at all understanding the play.

As I get closer to my initial weight number goal, other things come into play that will change other things, and like dominos, they all fall together to resolve the issues before me.  This isn’t where I started, and this is not where it ends.  Sometimes taking a moment to remember WHY you are really doing something.   That refreshes my spirit and reminds me I can move ahead.

If you have a dream, a hope, or a desire… every journey starts with a single step.