Another day….

another pound.  Woke up to 178 this morning, probably as a result of a good workout last night playing badminton.

Last night actually was the first time that I had experienced any Atkin’s related issues.  I bent over to get something out of my sports bag, and then stood up rather quickly.  Dizzy time for a second as the blood wasn’t making it to the top floor.  That is after some pretty hard exercise, so it means my blood pressure was down a little bit towards the end.   That is a sign that I am pushing about as hard as I should, I guess.

Friday will be two weeks on that plan, I am hoping to see 177 by then, which will mean 9 pounds in 2 weeks, which is fucking amazing as far as I am concerned  I have honestly been stuck in the 180s for so long that I can remember the last time I was really in this range.  With a goal of about 170, I don’t think I am far off the mark here.

Warmer conditions have arrived, so I have been riding my bike a bit and generally getting a little more active, which is good.  I am also learning the good and the bad of the Atkins plan, and I see a few shortcomings that I think are actually slowing me down rather than speeding things up.  Most importantly, I am not good at measuring food, I cook by eye (I always have) and so I might be over doing it in some cases.  Learning to eat less and eat more often is key I think to making this work out, so I am rarely hungry.  Last night I was hungry after working out, that was for sure!

The other thing that I find negative in all of the Atkins world is that while some sorts of bread like products are permitted, none of them are readily available in my area (Montreal) and I really don’t want to order overpriced stuff from distant companies only to find out I don’t like it.  That would suck massively.  So I have lived without being able to make acceptable foods like Fajitas (which I do like) and instead I am sort of on a meat and veg diet that could easily become boring for someone that is a little more adventurous than I am.

Add to that the easter holiday weekend.  My sister has already invited me for dinner, which would include much many piles loads and buckets of carbs and sugars, which is just not on my list of things to do.  So I have to decline, which I hate because I enjoy seeing my neices and other family members, but I guess I do what I gotta do.  I have a feeling they will understand more when they see a slightly more healthy me the next time around, I guess.

Overall it isn’t bad, the food situation is getting a little dull due to the limited choices I have during induction, but the results are there and the suffering is really worth the end result.   I can physically see the difference (which when combined with other steps I took starting in January now totals up to 15 pounds), and my clothes either fit better or fall off, which is good in my book.  8 more pounds and I think I will have hit as low as I would want to go, but I guess that is based more on the look and my health and less on just what I weigh.