Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares

Most Americans will know Chef Gordon Ramsey from the show “Hell’s Kitchen”, a sort of reality game show for chefs.  But he has another series from England that is way more interesting and way more rude, called “Kitchen Nightmares”.

He travels to estalishments on the brink.  Places that are on the edge of death, and more often than not from totally incompetent management and uncaring staff.  Some of these places actually do die even with Ramsey’s insight, and other live.  Along the way it is a lesson in how not to run a business, and how not to hire people.

This show continues in my view of shows that motivate.  With few exceptions, there is always a potential solution or a new road to travel.  Identifying the problems and finding solutions is important, and getting the most reluctant employee to join the new plan and make it all work out.  Ramsey is at his crudest and rudest here.  In Canada, we get the show without bleeps and blanks, so “fuck me” is a very common phrase in this show.  It is really quite funny to hear him go off on people.

“oh my fucking hell!” is Ramsey’s comment as he watches an otherwise lazy chef moonwalking across the kitchen while patrons wait forever for food.  Sometimes the problems are obvious and easy, and sometimes the problems are more complex.  It is truly entertaining to see him decode the problems and find solutions – all within 7 days.

If nothing else, it is a good lesson in practical business, something everyone should learn.

[ Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on FoodTV in Canada ]