Days off with an interesting car

I took a day off yesterday (and part of today) and took a little trip to Toronto to do some stuff, see a friend, and do some shopping. Living in Quebec isn’t bad or anything, but language issues and whatnot do keep some companies out of the market place (Old Navy only showed up last year), and Toronto does have a good selection of stores and whatnot.

On the ride back, I got to drive a Toyota Prius. Hybrid car. First hybrid I have ever driven. Nice car.

I refer to it as a video game. You get in, insert your ID chip (not a key) and push the start button. Things light up, the screen comes on, but nothing happens.

Then you take the little joystick and push it towards the D postion, and the car is in drive. Still no noise except maybe the fan for the AC running.

Push the gas, and the car moves away smoothly and if you push enough, engages the actual engine. Drive along to the first traffic light, stop for the red, and the car shuts off the engine and just dies. Until you push the gas to go, and the process continues.

I drove all over Toronto (almost 150kms in town) and back to Montreal (550kms) and averages 5.2l/100kms or 45 miles per gallon, in a car with an interior the size of a camry.


Anyway, more later…just wanted to mention that:)