Party Poker adds Blackjack and sidebets

Okay, no links or anything in this one… just a thought.

Party Poker has added Blackjack and sidebets to their sites. Basically, the blackjack is a pretty standard pay to play game. I have tried it a bit, and I lost there about as fast as I lose in vegas. Make some money, but overall it’s a fast way to lose.

They also added sidebets during the poker games. You can bet on “all red” “all black”… weird stuff.

What I wonder about, I guess, is that poker is a game of skill then luck. Blackjack and sidebets are a game of luck and then maybe some skill (although you can easily teach a bot to play blackjack, the rules are pretty simple and the “what to do” isn’t hard either). So is this moving away from game of skill and into game of chance?

Just a thought.

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