Bush gets offensive

Well, actually, I think he has been fairly offensive all along… but today (Veteran’s Day) he stepped it up, using the background of the memories of war to slam opponents who question the reasons for going to war in Iraq.

With his approval ratings sinking faster than Scooter Libby’s social schedule, Bush has to take some drastic steps to pick things up. Mid term elections are now 12 months away, and unless the republicans as a whole start to look better, there might be a swing in the house and senate. Bush’s plan? Don’t fix anything, just lash out at all the other people and hope nobody notices your misdirection.

GWB, let me give you a suggestion: Try the words “mea culpa”. Accept that the buck really does stop at your desk (because in your world, the only guy more powerful than you is god… and your father). Accept that you are in the end responsible for taking the US (and the world) to war in Iraq without real justification, or that the justifications were either made up or “cherry picked” from the intelligence available. I don’t think very many people are saying outright that you lied, but they are saying that you used only the truths and information that supported your desired result, rather than balancing the informaiton out.

The whole reason Scooter has some time on his hands goes back to your administration apparently being willing to do anything to shut up dissenting voices.

There was no nuclear weapons – and there was no proof to start with.

There were no chemical weapons – and the UN inspectors hadn’t found any before the war either

There were no weapons of mass destruction – and the UN inspectors didn’t find them either.

Saddam Hussein wasn’t friends with Bin Ladin – in fact, they apparently hate each other.

Al-quida wasn’t much of a force in Iraq before the war.

So today’s attacks on John Kerry, and misrepresenting how he voted against funding your personal war on Saddam. You attack anyone who doesn’t support your views, and you stand up and get creative with the truth.

Presidental of you, sir.