New Sponsor on board

Well, I finally added a sponsor to my blog.  Not because I want to make money from this blog, but because the service they offer is truly worth it.

That sponsor is SPAMARREST.

I get tons of mail each day – some of it personal, some of it for business, and much of it, well, spam.  Horrible stinky spam.  I have ranted, I have raved, I have gone off on people, and I have even made the news about it… I have filtered, cut back, checked, limited and choked my mail program trying to keep the spammers out but I have still be deleting hundreds of messages a day.

So as of today, I moved to spamarrest and I am hoping that the sickness that is spam won’t bother me anymore.

Try it out for 30 days on a free trial… you will be glad you did 🙂