Meanwhile back at the ranch

evelyn lin sexy asian girl
Okay guys, sorry I haven’t been around for an update, got sort of busy on stuff, headed back to school for a while too, so life is interesting again. But that hasn’t stopped me from creating another hot blog, a site that appeals to all of you lovers of asian girls, particularly the pornstar types. Asian All Star is still new, but I will be updating it regularly with links to the hottest new scenes from all the hot asian porngirls. Girl like Evelyn Lin, as you see in the pic. A true hotty, that is for sure! Check it out and bookmark it or add it to your news reader, I think this one is going to be fun.

Also on the table these days is the incredible rise of Kizo Electronic News. Basically, I search around a bunch of different sites and pull in the hot news from these sites so you can find more stuff faster. I will be adding more news sources as I find them, it’s all for you! check out the digital news here.

Finally, next week in the US is the election. If you are a US citizen, then VOTE DAMN IT! Nothing worse than someone who doesn’t vote that bitches about how bad it is. Vote, it’s your ticket to complain. Oh yeah, if you want some election fun, check out Nailin’ Paylin.