Life on the Run

So I sold my house, closed on it at the end of the month, and now I am effectively homeless for the next 30 days until my new place is ready. So I am doing what I call hotel surfing, moving place to place and checking out all the great hotels. basically, i am just killing time, waiting for stuff to get done. At least the floors are all in at my new place, so they aren’t going to take too much longer to get it all done.

So I have been offline for about a week, I bought a new laptop and I am back to it, working the net from the hotel and trying to keep things all online. I am also trying to get some work done on my car at the same time, it was a pretty tough winter this year and a whole bunch of things are due, from suspension parts to the timing belt and water pump. Getting it all done will make my car back to it’s great self.

So in the meantime, you folks deserve a little entertainment. Don’t bitch about this Family Guy short clip. Read up on Vanessa Hudgens. Wank to Bree Olsen.

Seriously, I’ll be back to this seriously soon, so stay tuned.