I see moving people

putaface kim kardashianWell, I will at least. Yup, moving day is fast upon me, at least this time it is me moving and not the websites, trust me when I say that moving house is about 1000 times easier than moving websites! In the meantime, you can enjoy Kim Kardashian, a true putaface. This girl could seduce the camera for about 1000 miles back, she has got curves that can probably be seen from the space shuttle.

Other stuff? Hmm… I started work on a butt blog, Amazing Asses. There are a ton of sites out there now with big butt girls, I think mostly because america is getting a little round around the edges and most of the new girls coming into porn have larger patooties. Some of them are smoking hot, and doing them doggy style would be enough to get most people smiling. Plenty of cushion, so you don’t have to worry about bruising!

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