Apple vs PC ads: Great marketing

I gotta say, those Apple vs PC ads are great.  It is the first time since Apple came out that they are “facing the boogie man” and really putting the presure on the PC market to come and try out an Apple computer.  More power to them.

For me, the best part is that they have done a couple of great things with this campaign.  First off, they are fighting with a foe that won’t fight back, because the PC industry is large, and has no one leader.  Heck, Apple uses intel chips, so it isn’t like Intel is going to take the other side, and Microsoft, well… they have a huge percentage of the total PC market and have no reason to fight back… plus they don’t sell hardware.

The other things they have done is remove the discussion of price.  Apple computers typically price out higher than a PC based laptop, and the PC laptop market has many choices of brands, configurations, and setup.  Apple goes on about their included things like cameras and such (most recent commercials), not realizing that again, PC owners have plenty of money left and many choices in the marketplace.

Like I said, these ads are totally amazing… Apple is fighting a ghost, and looking all tough while doing it.  Sort of like beating up a straw man.