2007 starts with updates and toys

Well, 2007 is upon us, and I am already hard at work.  I made a bit of an update in design and layout for All Porn Links, so now the fresh new sites are right on page one and easy to find.  I had a number of people ask for it, so I figured I would give it a shot and see.  I hadn’t updated the layout or design for quite a while, so it’s all good as far as I can tell.

I also got me some new toys to play with, including Autobloggerpro (kewl tool) and a new color and layout tool.  Just waiting for my very good hosting company (Colo-cation hosting) to get a few little doo-dahs installed to make this all run, and I will be off to the races.  For the most part, this will mean I will have a bunch more great blogs and daily things to post around for everyone to enjoy, which is a good thing.  Stay Tuned!

I am also adding some new membership sites and links to my link lists.  There are a number of new programs and sites I haven’t touched before, and I am adding them in and letting you guys go have a look.  Give me your opinions, I would like to knows (you can send to rawalex at hotmail if you like).  You can check the new membership sites listings on Findpics Free Porn if you are curious.

I also set up a new big tits TGP, Big Bust Babes.  Nice big titty galleries, and links to other big titty TGPs.  A nice one.