The End Of The Year and New Beginnings

in-the-raw-end-of-the-line The end of the line for some is the starting off point for others. One of our Western world traditions is the idea of the new year’s resolution, where for the magic passing of the arbitrary calendar date from December 31 to January 1, we resolve to fix all that was wrong and we wouldn’t or couldn’t fix before. For many, that means losing weight or stopping smoking. For me it’s a bit more of a practical thing, there are certain files and systems I use that require year end maintenance to get ready for the new year, so that is more where I end up this time of year. In fact, I have done it pretty much every year since I watch Y2K come and go as a magical nothing, so perhaps it’s a family tradition or something!
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Happy New Year 2013 and Stuff

happy new yearWell, welcome to 2013, and all that it means to you. First off, making it to 2013 means that the Mayans sucked at making calendars, or that the entire end of the world thing was pretty much based on them running out of rock to carve on. Either way, we made it, the world didn’t end, and that’s a pretty good thing. That and the long running recession or economic slowdown thing is slowly easing, and that’s good for almost everyone.

New Years means new things going on, and 2013 is no exception. The web is an ever evolving, ever changing thing, and the powerful influence of Google in the whole thing means that there are changes going on for almost every site I know of. Everyone is reacting to changes at Google with new stuff, and I am not that far behind on it. I have tons of updates coming, including tons of updates to Porniki the Porn Wiki, the Lynxxx porn community, and of course my blogs and linking sites. I also have some plans cooking for other neat and interesting things in the next few months, certainly worth staying tuned for. Hopefully I can be a little more verbose in this blog about them in 2013, it’s something I will certainly try to do. In the meantime, check out the live chat rooms here, and let me know what you think, okay?

Happy New Year 2012

Well, another year grinds to a halt, out of energy and out of time, to be replaced with a fresh new year 2012.

Honestly, 2011 was a hell of a hard year to deal with. The world economy continues to suck, the porn business continues to suck and be self destructive, and pretty much everyone I know has had one or more hardships to face this year. It’s been a tough one to watch everyone I know deal with the issues, but we did it, we made it to the end of the year, and well, thank god for that. We lost a few good people this year, and plenty of bad ones too (bye bye Daffy Ghadafi!). Overall, I am happy to see the year end and I look forward to trying it all again in 2012. Plus as a bonus, Chinese New Year is coming soon, and it’s the year of the Dragon (and being a dragon, this is a good thing for me).

Eve Angel is our feature girl this time out, sexy and cute… check out how she celebrates new year! I have been working on a few new things, one of them is AAA Sex Tube Videos, another porn tube style site packed full of stuff, adding 15-20 new clips per day. Almost all of this one is either hardcore or masturbation scenes. The same simple layout from my other sites is there, it seems popular. Bookmark it! Also, I have been cleaning up and cleaning out stuff and trying to catch up.

Want to celebrate 2012 in a good way? I suggest you try live chat rooms, meet a hotty or seven and have some fun, chat, get naked, whatever it is you like. It’s the new year, party and enjoy! Check out Live Asian girls here, live girls on webcam here, and sexy live MILFs here! Happy New Year 2012!