Happy New Year 2013 and Stuff

happy new yearWell, welcome to 2013, and all that it means to you. First off, making it to 2013 means that the Mayans sucked at making calendars, or that the entire end of the world thing was pretty much based on them running out of rock to carve on. Either way, we made it, the world didn’t end, and that’s a pretty good thing. That and the long running recession or economic slowdown thing is slowly easing, and that’s good for almost everyone.

New Years means new things going on, and 2013 is no exception. The web is an ever evolving, ever changing thing, and the powerful influence of Google in the whole thing means that there are changes going on for almost every site I know of. Everyone is reacting to changes at Google with new stuff, and I am not that far behind on it. I have tons of updates coming, including tons of updates to Porniki the Porn Wiki, the Lynxxx porn community, and of course my blogs and linking sites. I also have some plans cooking for other neat and interesting things in the next few months, certainly worth staying tuned for. Hopefully I can be a little more verbose in this blog about them in 2013, it’s something I will certainly try to do. In the meantime, check out the live chat rooms here, and let me know what you think, okay?