Weird week so far

Month ends always bother me.  I guess it is a personality defect, but I don’t look at what was accomplished as much as what was missed, forgotten, or never gotten to.  It can sometimes be mentally crippling to look at all you didn’t do in a month… one thing about building porn sites and whatnot is that there is always more you COULD do… it just isn’t always mentally possible or there just isn’t enough time.

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(Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids?  Slim Shady your so cool… )

Anyway, it is the start of the hurrican season, and of course the media is going ape shit.  Typical media thing, last year was the “big one”, so it could happen this year so let’s report on shit like mad making it look like we are concerned so that we can get that 0.1 more rating point for the week.   For all the money spent getting these guys on the ground in New Orleans, they could have rebuilt some of those houses or paid a crane to come and help move some shit and put space back in order.   I don’t need the news anchor to be standing on a levee in the lower ninth ward… a fucking video is enough, guys.   Donate the money it would cost instead and make a difference, not just noice.

The only good thing is the more the hype, the less likely is that shit happens this year.

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