Tons of play, little return

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote on this subject. I have been playing a total ton of games in the last 30-45 days, using it as the yang to the ying of my work (much of which was created by annoying new US government regulations, I might add).

I have been running different styles. I have tried everything from the ultra conservative play on “group 1 or group 2” hands all the way over to the Gus Hansen play every freaking card you get. I have had some successes and failures on both sides, and my account remains about even over the whole process.

I am doing reasonably well on the sit and go tables, depending on the style I use. You have to be very astute and spot the other types of players on your table quickly to assure that you don’t get caught out. You only have maybe 10 hands at the start to spot the players and get going. If the table as a whole is really tight, you can certainly take advantage of people early if you can spot it. If the table is a little wild, you can profit by staying out of the way.

One of my friends has been playing multitable sit and gos. He feels that they are a good hybrid between a tournament situation and a single table situation. He has done pretty well with them, his game play seems to be pretty much in line with what is needed in these tournaments.

I will talk more about that later.

I also want to say that I am disappointed by the number of truly horrible players out there that are kidding themselves into thinking they are the next Phil Ivy. Many of these people are truly clueless, but they do well enough because they hit some very lucky hands. In the end, these are probably the most dangerous people to play against, because they will stay in (and often raise) with little or nothing in their hands.

It truly makes me wonder!

Keep playing. It’s good!