The New Year Is Coming

Chinese New Year, that is.  It’s a most excellent time of the year for anyone who is asian, as this is sort of like Christmas and New Years for the rest of us all rolled up into one nice event.  The Chinese call it the “spring festival” and it is certainly an important part of the year.  So many people in China head home for the holiday that within 3 weeks, there will have been more passengers trips made by rail, bus, and plane than the entire population of the country.  It’s insanity!   So to all my Chinese and asian friends, Happy New Year!, much fook to you all!

Meanwhile, back at the porny ranch, I have kept working on Pornstar-X, which is getting more and more pornstar links all the time.  Otherwise, keep your heads down, enjoy a weekend without football, and check out the porn!  🙂