The Move is Over!

well, at least I think it is… damn, moving hosts is a royal pain in the ass when you got stuff.   It’s like it’s easy to move a 1 room apartment, hell to move a house.  I moved house.  It’s hell.

Anyway, things are settling down, the DNS (the way that the internet knows how to find here instead of there) is about settled, and pretty much everything seems clean.   There are still a few things getting cleaned up, but basically everything is right on track.  So much so that I have started to turn out some porn again.

First off, I updated Teenager-x with some hot pics from Goth Teen Liz Vicious (Click here)… she is truly fucking hot and unique.. a great thing!  I will have a whole bunch of free promotional sites for her coming soon, keep your eye on the site Goth Girlfriend for more when they are done.

I also fixed up and sorted out some “automation” issues with Porn Pig.  The site now updated reliably 4 times each day, getting you the hottest porn blog entires from all over the place.  It’s worth a bookmark, that is for sure.  Click here for Porn Pig!

In the non-porn world, Both Kizo Technology News and Latest Movies and Reviews are also updating much more regularly, thanks to a seriously improved server configuration that really flies through these tasks with little or no timeouts or failures.  They two are now updating 4 times daily. so you can always find fresh stuff there.

More updates and upgrades on the way, things are looking great, everything is working out fine… so stay tuned 🙂