The Deadliest Catch

Okay, so we Canadians are behind a bit… okay, alot! Discovery channel in Canada is famous for running shit like 1 year past it’s stale date, and this is another example…

The Deadliest Catch is all about the crab fishing industry in Alaska. They go out during season on the boats, and follow 5 crews each time that are trying to catch the crap. The seasons are intense, often short, and deadly and dangerous. During the course of just the two seasons they covered, around 10 men lost their lives and probably 50% of the players were injured in some way.

Why do they do it? at near $5 per pound, the industry generates near 60 million on each season, a crewman can make enough in a couple of weeks total work to live for a year. It is an intense and scary race for the millions, all on the unforgiving, rough, and freezing Bering Sea. Truly an intense experience.

We are about half way through the series now in Canada, and it is pretty intense. Watching these guys work for 72-90 hours STRAIGHT THROUGH with only short naps and quick meals is mind numbing, especially when you consider they are working with heavy equipment, fast flying ropes, and all this on a sea that is swelling 10-20 feet at times. It is really a miracle that they can do it at all.

Between that and Australia’s “The Block” I am pretty much ruined 🙂