Sexy Natalie Portman Doesn’t Like Porn

Sometimes I read funny things that make me wonder. Natalie Portman is a sexy movie star with an amazing body (if you like tiny tits and tight bodies, she has both). Her current big movie, Black Swan, pretty much is as sexualized as it gets. Yet she says she hates anything porn or sex scene, because she knows it will end up all over the internet. Hmmm. Too bad, she can join the ranks of Celebs like Jeri Ryan (aka Seven of Nine for Trek Fans) in the realm of very sexy but not interested much in being sexy. Oh well!

Meanwhile, back to porn 🙂

A few things going on. Playing with porn tube sites,check out TVVX Porn Tube and You Got Pussy for some nice clips and stuff. I also started a blog called Firm Tits, which is all about girls with nice firm boobs (big or small). I am also delving into pussy eating with Hot Twat, the pussy eating blog. Finally, while it isn’t really up and running much yet, you may want to bookmark aes256 password, which is all about Wikileaks and the magic encoding on that secret file. Enjoy!