Chippy D Montana Fishburne Sex Tape and Stuff

I have seen some pretty bizarre things in my time online, but I think the whole Montana Fishburne Sex Tape thing pretty much just blows me away. I mean, here is the daughter of a big celeb (her daddy is on CSI, and made plenty of hot movies) deciding that her only way to get famous is to fuck on video and sell it. I have to say that is just one weird story. The good news is that this ebony girl is actually pretty hot, and she seems to be a hot fuck. So I guess it’s all good.

Otherwise I have been busy working on the internet plumbing and getting a whole bunch of things cleaned up, 15 years almost of being online means that you run unto old stuff now and again that needs to be replaced or updated. I found files from 1998 floating around. Holy crap! Anyway, Hot Amateur Pussy now has exactly that, plenty of pussy, and Tiny Asian Tits is all good for your asian titty needs. I am also getting into Small Tits Web, a site dedicated to B cups and smaller. Oh yeah, don’t forget the Gangbang Erotic Stories either!