Back to School Sales Already?

Okay, who stole summer? I was just starting to get into it, and suddenly there are back to school sales things on TV and banner ads online pushing school supplies and discounts on laptops. What the fuck?

Anyway, the best news of the month is that sexy Raven Riley is back at it, and her personal site is once again rocking with fresh sets, videos, blog updates, and cam shows. This hotty is worth checking out. Also worth checking out is my new splog called Tasty Tits – basically, all the best titty posts from all my other blogs in one place. You are sure to find some cans you like here. Also, check out my newer story site Gangbang Erotic Stories, that one will update every week with a threesome or moresome for your enjoyment!

Oh yeah, if you haven’t tried it, please check out Live Chat Rooms – this is seriously fun!