Phqer Says Give a Phqe or Enjoy One porn videosAs I mentioned in a few posts, I have been working on a few new things and some new projects with some interesting people, like Phqer Phqe. The new site is – and yes, it sounds like FUCK to me! Basically, it’s a combination gallery pile, image pile, video pile, and pretty much everything else pile. It wasn’t really suppose to be released yet, but nasty old Googlebot managed to sneak around the “opening soon” sign and started indexing pages and sending visitors, so there was no choice. Phqer is still uploading a bunch of stuff, you can expect at least a few new galleries every day and some great video clips too, as he loads the site up.

You can also follow Phqer on his twitter account here, and suggest some ideas, updates, whatever you like, he’s all ears and very interested to know what you want to see on the site, who’s hot and all that – get him on twitter and tell him what you think!