Moving Day and Stuff

intheraw-onetripNo doubt about it, real men do it in one trip, right? ┬áSeriously though, the idea of migrating hundreds of websites by myself, without too much outside help has been a bit of a torture test for me. I sort of went into it all with my eyes wide open, but at the same time I wasn’t really ready for all it has entailed. It’s a lot of work.

That said, I am happy with my new hosting arrangements, my stuff is split over different hosts for the first time in probably a decade, and with good reason (that I can’t really go into here). I can say I was amazed at how much hosting has changed, how different the pricing is, and what the options are out there. Many of the changes I have made are to improve website performance, to make the way the sites load more reactive, and such. it has also allowed me to update many sites to have more responsive style themes, which should make things easier for people using mobile and tablets, which is really become a big part of the online world.

So stay tuned as I get everything settled down and moving forward again. I still have a solid week of work to do, but it will soon all be done and I can get back to the serious business of keeping you guys and girls entertained! Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out Free Porn Pig’s Porn Party!