Divas Battle and The Porn Rolls On

nicki minaj big butt
Another week goes zipping by, I am still getting use to being 12 hours ahead of everyone I deal with, and dealing with the issues of everyone being asleep when you need them. It’s okay, just takes some getting use to. The big news this week I guess is that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have ended up as judges on American Idol, along with Keith Urban and the barely hanging on Dawg. Anyway, it’s a sweep of the house of Idol, with Stephen Tyler and J-Lo taking the exit. It’s divas battling, they have already made peace and such in the first few days. It’s kind of an indication of how low American Idol will go to get some attention.

Meanwhile, the porn rolls on too. Most of this week has been updating blogs and keeping the show on the road, but I have added a couple of hotties over at Porniki, including a ton of galleries for sexy Aaliyah Love and Chanel Preston. I have also been enjoying some new Asian sologirls, including the remarkably hot Lily Figuera. This girl could give the pope a boner! it’s good fun when I get to find the hotties.

If you see some hotties you think I shoudl feature, add a comment or drop me an email @ rawalex @ hotmail and I will see what I can do!