Famewhoring Heidi Montag and Anonymous Internet Stuff

This time out we start with the ultimate famewhore, 2010 edition, Heidi Montag, or as she is sometimes refered to as, Frankentitties. Heidi has made an amazing career taking a role in a stupid MTV fake reality show and turning herself into tabloid trash, including one of the most extensive plastic surgery makeovers ever. The good news for us is that she got the pornstar tits, I guess, but holy heck, does she look fake. She is a famewhore plain and simple!

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, check out my comments on the end of the anonymous internet (it’s a good thing in the end). Things are moving fast online, and changes are coming quick. Plenty of lawsuits against pirates and filetraders are going to change the landscape for sure. In the porn world, it has been sort of a catch up week for me, but you can check out some new entries on Porniki, including Miss Karina Bliss, Alana G from Nubiles, Daredorm, Private School Jewel (sexy!) and the updated Teen Portal. You can also check out sxxy.com sexy girls here!