Kendall Jenner Nipples on Instagram and Other Fresh Things

kendall jenner instagram nipples

Well, this is sort of a special edition on In The Raw, because today we get to celebrate Kendall Jenner turning 18… yes, she’s a Kardashian family girl. We also get to celebrate that it didn’t take her long after her birthday to start showing off her hot body, witness this picture she put up herself on her instagram account showing her breasts and nipples in a nice see thru top. You have to love it, Kendall Jenner’s nipples are clearly visible here, it’s the family tradition to show it all off for attention and it must be working, because I’m talking about her, right? Countdown to “stolen” sex tape is already on, it seems!

Anyway, other than that, it’s been a bit of a weird couple of weeks for getting things done. I did a wireless router upgrade here that went all sideways, blew up and didn’t work, so back that the routers wouldn’t even take their original programming back (TP-Link are not on my happy list this week!). So I replaced the two with Asus units, which are insanely nice, seemingly reliable, and that do so much more including proper media serving and file sharing from an attached USB drive. As I was getting that fixed, the internet modem itself crapped out, which meant a service call that took 48 hours to fill, which was pretty painful to deal with. Thank god for unlimited 4G wireless and tethering!

As a result, production of new stuff sort of ground to a halt, but I am back in the game and working it hard. I snapped up a bunch of new domains recently, and I am working on a Dale Earnhardt jr collectibles site and a couple of other interesting non-porn related sites, which is actually an interesting break away from T&A. Of course, there will be more porn stuff, don’t forget to check out For the XXX, which is a sploggy site that puts together some stuff from my other sites in a nice, clear, large image format!