Are The Olympics Over Yet?

The Olympics are one of those great events that many people look forward to for some odd reason. They can crowd around the TV and watch odd sports they would otherwise never pay attention to and cheer on people they don’t care about normally, as long as they have their country’s flag on their chest. It can’t be over soon enough as far as I am concerned. Meanwhile, NASCAR’s collapse is continuing, with lackluster crowds, dropping attendance, and unsponsored cars all over the place.

Meanwhile, I have been pounding away at the porn mill, turning it out. Some fresh new blogs like Flashing Beaver (go canada!), and Real Nice Tits (boobies make me happy) and Tiny Asian Tits (small boobs rule!) are up. Plus of course all of my usual site are updating regularly, don’t forget to check out such nice sites as Schoolgirl Uniform or Gangbang Erotic Stories. Enjoy!