Nicki Minaj Ass and Other Large Things

I guess the expression for today is “go big or go home”. When it comes to big, Nicki Minaj certainly has the back half of the deal worked out. This “singer” (I use the term generously) and rapper (more appropriate) has got enough ass for about 3 girls. This girl’s back has got back. She’s so curvy that the state keeps trying to put roadsigns on her. I don’t find it attractive, but she is more than willing to use her big ass for all it’s worth, so more power to her, I guess!

Which brings us to the next big ass thing, namely my Chunky Butts blog. Basically, if you like your girls a little bigger, with a bit more out back, then you will love this site. Plenty of hot girls with big tails to enjoy here! It’s a fun blog to write and find content for, because it seems there are so many sexy big asses out there these days.

Also, my new live cam chat site is going strong. Seems to be pretty popular, especially the group chats and shared chat rooms, where you can chat live with the girl, make some donations, and combined, you all get to have a really fun time with the girl. The girls are pretty darn hot too, and even in the totally free chat areas, they are known to get a little freaky. You need to check out it, sign up and get 120 free credits to play with, and let me know what you think. It’s hot as it gets! Get unlimited live chat and 120 free credits here!

Finally, I wanted to just gloat a bit. I finally won an online poker tournament. Not a big one by any means, but still. It’s enjoyable as heck to think that on any given day, you can beat that many people. Now I have enough money to lose again for a while, I guess!