Super Bowl Time

I guess I get a weekend off for good behavior. Once I finish up with some stupid and annoying shit I have to do, I will be ont he road to my buddy Greenguy’s place to enjoy the superbowl week. Being in Canada, I get an extra benefit in that I actually get to see the real US ads, as opposed to the worthless crap the canadian networks stick in there. Joy! Maybe they can outdo the monkeys as “money coming out of his ass” ones from years past…

So I will have a laptop with me and I will be working on getting shit done even when I am there, but safe to say that I won’t be working anywhere near as hard as normal. I think the game is going to be a good one, with two teams hungry for a win and no more of that NE team to get in the way of a good game. I did well on the pools and stuff last year, so I hope I can repeat again. It’s all good!

One thing that this will involve is a drive in the freezing rain and slush to get there. It is about a 7 hour drive, not too bad really, and I enjoy the trip. I enjoy driving, so it isn’t a big thing for me, but the weather is so unpredictable this time of the year that I never know what is going to happen next. Sort of have to bring shorts and a winter jacket, because honestly, who knows?

Hopefully it will all work out well, and if so, I will be back in the big chair Monday to bring you more porn and other annoying stuff! 🙂