Strange things happen

So I check my hotmail account, and it turns out that PP had decided to put an extra $20 into my account. I am starting to think it might be because I didn’t have any money in the account but has been playing it a bit hard. They also put a second bonus $20 on the line, but I would have to play 200 raked hands to get it (which, if you do the math, isn’t the best deal in the world… ). So I decide, what the heck, I will go and play a 0.5 / $1 limit table and see what happens…

While the details are just that, details, let me just say that I turned $20 into $100 within the 200 hands without issue, could have been up more but the table shrivelled down to 3 players, which is NOT good for retaining money.

It is truly amazing to see people come into these tables, plunk down $25, and play like total fools. Limit poker is really a much harder game than nolimit, as you cannot easily push people out of pots, and bluffs are way more subtle. I can still bluff people out, but the circumstances have to be exactly right, where as in NL you can just push out way more than the current pot to really make people think twice about playing.

Anyway, just want to say thanks to kikky and a few others that made those 200 hands way less painful than they could have been. I really don’t enjoy playing limit poker that much, but making some money at it is always a good think.

Play poker online come play online… maybe I will see you there!