Southpark Chef gets going away present

If you are a Southpark fan, you know that Isaac Hayes (soul singer who’s career came back when he took the role of South Park’s Chef) has begged out of his contract with the show because he didn’t like them making fun of Scientology.  The episode, aimed mostly at the annoying Tom Cruise, was quite funny the first time it aired.  Well, recently the scientology people must have gotten pissy about it, as Comedy Central pulled a replay of the show apparently because Cruise threatened to not participate in promotion of a new movie he stars in, which is being made by CS’s parent company.

Anyway, turns out “chef” is also a scientologist, and he got a bee up his bum about all this and pissed off out of the show.  He didn’t seem to mind when they made fun of catholics or muslims or jews… but scientologist apparently are off limits.

Anyway, the show must go on, and well, the show’s creators pretty much killed Chef off in the latest show.  A fine fuck you to someone apparently a little too full of himself.  Goodbye Chef, it has been fun, but don’t let the door slap your big ass on the way out.

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