Puke on Lady Gaga and Other Better Things

lady gaga pukeI find it sort of amazing to follow the progress of Lady Gaga, she went from nothing to something (many say on the back of blogger / media whore Perez Hilton) in a very short period of time, became well known for her always in character lifestyle, and pretty much managed to keep people’s attention for a while with reasonable but somewhat forgettable pop music. Well, Stefani Germanotta (her real name) has been on a horrible slide the last couple of years, from ducking out on a tour because of an injury to an recent album that really sort of sucked, she has hit hard times. She has been trying to keep the public’s attention but has been failing even in that. What we stared at with open-mouthed shock has turned to horror. At a recent gig at South By Southwest, she actually hired someone to puke on her in the middle of the show. It’s certainly gotten her plenty of attention, but is such an obvious ploy for attention that it’s quickly backfiring on her. People are realizing that Lady Gaga doesn’t have the music they want, and in the end, that is what is important. So puke on Lady Gaga, that attention whore’s 15 minutes are thankfully up.

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