Pig Flu and White Cotton Panties

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, a well insulated sound proof rock, then you probably know about the swine flu H1N1 that is “ravaging” the world right now. I say ravaging with a bit of a chuckle, only because with the level of information flow we have these days, the few thousand total cases reported so far has turned into huge news. It’s amazing, that is for sure.

Anyway, it makes for a good reason to stay home and enjoy yourself, if you know what I mean. So I added a couple of new blogs to the cheer up your day, first off is the Panty Flasher blog – upskirts, panty peeks, girls in panties generally looking hot and sexy and a little bit innocent at times. It’s fun stuff, and I am adding new posts as I find panties I like. Generally it’s just hot fun, sort of goes back to that naughty stuff you had in high school (or last week in the office when the girl in accounting wore that short skirt and spun around in her chair to talk to you, you know). The other new blog is Stories X Erotic Stories, another collection of stories. It isn’t all up to date yet, but I am adding a few more new stories this week and then it will update weekly. Some interesting new stories here.

Other than that, stay safe, avoid the pig flu, stay home and entertain yourself instead!