Party Poker, two versions later

Well, I went to check out Party Poker again to see what was going on.  First off I got ANOTHER new version of the software, which is always a good thing.  However, there are still some pretty major fuckups (I will get to that in a sec) and there is still some issues with the placement of things on the screen that bother me.

Then their network crached like a fucking rock for most of the overnight period.  Once that sucker crashes, it is almost impossible to get things back going right.

Anyway, the next night I wandered back to play a game or two.   I am getting use to this higher chip count thing, although I could see a ton of players who don’t have a clue throwing way too many chips at really poor hands, thinking that 2000 chips somehow makes them richer than 800 chip for the same price did before.  Little do they realize that the ratios of chips to blinds is different at the earlier levels, so in fact you are somewhat poorer in the end to start with.  Anyway, these clowns are either rich with chips or flat as broke after a few hands.

While everyone I know says that the card selector / shuffling thing has not changed I will say that I have seen less and less major dog hands winning, and things  seem to be back to a more normal level.  It may be that the morons are still morons and the smarter players are not getting conned into staying in bad hands, but things just seem to be better.    Yes, I have won some tables and taken some tournament money in the last few days.

Anyway, I am keeping my eye on it all… we will see 🙂