Of Emma Stone and Moving Things Around

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Raw Central, so much so that updating my blog has once again been a point of suffering. Fear not my faithful readers, I am back at it and brimming with new ideas. First off, let’s talk about our Putaface this time out, if you ever saw the movie Superbad, then you know Emma Stone. She’s one cute redhead who isn’t shy to seduce the camera to get attention and to get ahead. She’s in that new Spiderman movie too, certainly worth checking her out!

As for the rest, well, I relocated myself from one side of the world to the other, I am not living full time in Asia, which is a big switch (and fun for a guy who loves Asian pussy!). That’s sort of kept me offline, and still most of my stuff is in a shipping container somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. Thank god that Ikea has stores all over the place!

As for porn, well, I am back kicking it with Porniki, updated the main page with now 30 girls on the front page alone, a dozen or more new girl gallery profiles and about a dozen more membership sites added as well. I am semi-committed at this point to putting more and more time on this site, you guys seem to love it. Don’t be shy to +1 it on Google or to recommend it on Facebook or Twitter. It’s all good! Also, I have some major upgrades coming for all of my link sites, and tons of new free sites and galleries in the works. Stay tuned, I’m back and raring to go!