Nubile Girls F1 and More Stuff

It’s been a busy few weeks of this that and the other. Nothing really particular taking up all my time, just stuff and more stuff. The Formula 1 season is back on, and certainly 2010 is looking as amusing as 2009 was, and maybe more. The cell phone world is abuzz with the arrival of Microsoft’s Kin 1 and Kin 2 phones, smart phones that really tap the whole twitter / facebook world. Plus all the cheating scandals featuring Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and now Steven Seagal makes me wonder what is what.

Meanwhile, progress never stops in my never ending quests to have a blog about everything. So new entries this time out include Nubiles Girls Blog (over 800 entries!) and All Dildos, nothing but hot girl masturbating with toys. Also, I doubled up on small boobs with Tiny Asian Tits and Small Tits Blog. Both worth checking out!