Nice day… too bad for all the noise

The punishment for living in a neighborhood still under construction is when you want to open your windows to enjoy the nice summer air, you also have to accept the sounds of construction and other annoyances.

In this case, I am getting a double shot of annoyance:  In the back, they are putting in the foundation for a new house, and today they are packing the gravel / rock into the ground for drainage.  Because everything here is about 6 or 8 inches above hard slate bedrock, the roller is making my house vibrate like mad.  (when the put the roads in, they had to use dynamite to get rid of the rocks… took about 3 months of blasting every day to do half a mile).  The bonus today is that they city is working on the fountain in front of my house removing all the cracked tiles because they built it poorly to start with.  So deep bass rumbling from the back, and hi pitched jack hammer on the front.  LOVELY!

I am also waiting for the contructor to come look at one part of the foundation of my house, which is screwed up, and the sat TV company is coming to move my disk and install an HD receiver (now if I just had an HD TV to hook it to!).  It really is fucking insanity here, which sadly means no work done until later.

I played badminton last night and got some really good lessons from my friend Tayo, who is a much better player than I will probably ever been.  He really should be a pro coach, he is very patient and not at all worries about doing things over and over until they work.  Iplayed a game with him and won, but we did manage to run into each other at least once.  Communication.. *sigh*.

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