New Orleans… the future?

Well, I guess like everyone else, I have been pretty much spellbound with what is going on in New Orleans… some people I know are still down there, running a blog directnic blog of new orleans that can give you and idea what is going on… at least from their view.

I was sitting wondering, well, what would the future of New Orleans be?

I have a suggestion.

Repair and rebuild only the downtown core and the french quarter. Make sure that the areas of business, hotels, and tourist spots remain. Make sure the port and similar comes back.

Everywhere else, bulldoze it down, build new levees around the remaining areas, and FLOOD THE REST OF IT FOREVER. Bring the Lake right in.

Quit trying to fight nature. Accept the realities of the situation, keep what is good, plow down the rest, and the city will be a better place for it.

Not a popular idea right now… but my take.