Moving on…

Well, another interesting weekend of Poker. Got my highest placing in a full size tourney (30th out of 2000) and did some good on some of the sit and go tables. But some of the other things that have happened are encouraging me to move to another “skin”.

Basically, Party Poker has some of the strongest advertising and brand recognition out there. It isn’t unusual for there to be more than 70,000 people online playing at any one time. The problem is PP tends to attract the newbs. Nothing wrong with being new, we all start somewhere. But the problem is the way these people play.

I played with one guy who buys into $10 sit and go, plays the first decent hand he gets all in, and then next decent hand all in, and goes on like that until he either wins or goes broke. NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. All or nothing, every hand.

I have seen other people who will go all in with J4os – a crap hand, but these morons end up with a house or a flush or whatever and blow good players off (including me). Everyone of these idiots has watched too much TV and thinks they are the next Gus Hansen. The problem being they win just enough hands to think they are on to something, as opposed to just being on something.

Anyway, Empire Poker (which is a PP skin) is offering a $100 signup bonus, so I think I am going to head that way. A friend of mine has said he has done really well over there, the play is better and the guaranteed games often under subscribed, which means you are playing for more money than went into the pot.

If you are starting out to play poker, check out my links to poker tables. Play NICE… play reasonable, and take the time to truly learn the game and the odds that come with each action you take. At the end of the day, understanding your odds and chances will greatly improve your winnings in the long run, and keep you from being a hot or not player.