More poker things

Well, I keep on keeping on. Received my copy of Sklansky’s “Hold’em poker for advanced players” today. A very interesting read indeed. Opened my eyes to many interesting strategy plays and such. This book is more more oriented towards limit hold’em, and many of the strategies are based on the raise / check raise / number of raises options that exist in the game. Some of the theories, especially of card play and sequencing apply in all games, and I can say without a doubt I am learning a lot from the book.

As always, there are ups and downs in any learning experience. There are many very difficult concepts in this book (I read about half of it already) and some of those concepts are difficult to put into action without tons of experience. It is also, without a doubt, harder to play this sort of game on computer, mostly because you have no physical tells from the other players to work with. The good news is that if you get really good at reading JUST from bets, then actual real world play with give you even more stuff to work with.

Daniel Negreanu is one of the top players in poker today. While I have never met him, he is Canadian like me, and seems to have a genuine nice streak through him. He has a nice little blog… Daniel Negreanu’s blog it can be a little silly at times, but it can give you some good insite into the weird world of poker.

Have a good one!