More galleries added

Well, I was working on Lust Galleries today, and I added in the latest lightspeed girl, Courtney Lightspeed. This girl is hot, nice long blond hair and really nice tits. Can’t resist.

I was also working on Finding Pussy – while this isn’t all done, the search is more powerful and will give you back a list of the latest sites that match your search. I will keep working on this site because I think it is kewl not to be just limited by sections or categories. I like the idea of search and you shall find what you really want. Give it a shot, it’s pretty good 🙂

Also, as is normal, I updates findpics free porn and link2x adult links with a pile of new free sites and stuff.

Finally, I am working on a new site that will pretty much blur the lines in all directions, and allow you to specify the type of porn you like and get a sort of personal link home page. It will also bring you great live sex shows, chat rooms, and a whole pile of other stuff, all gratis, free, whatever. This will be a super site if you are on broadband (hint hint)… so stay tuned and I will let you guys and girls know first when I get it out of the design stage and into the real world 🙂