Meanwhile, back at Party Poker

First off, for whatever reason, Party Poker has had a fair bit of network issues recently.  I think it might have to do with upgrading their infrastructure to support their newer version game software, which I have a feeling is a little more demanding on their network.   Yesterday they were down for about 2 hours in early PM EDT, which would normally be prime time for plucking the pigeons.  I am sure some people were less than pleased.

I will say that over the last couple of weeks they seem to have finally sorted out the issues with their software.  The game play is a little better than it was, a little more smooth and all.  Plus I personally feel that there are a ton less bad beats out there and less rewarding of the people playing shit hands all over.  There is still some amazingly bad stuff out there, but bad players seem to get tripped up after a while, which is a good thing.

I have been playing a bunch of 6 player sit and go NLH.  They don’t pay as much to win (a $10+1 table pays 36 and 24, no third place) so the numbers are all a little different.   However, I think that they payback on these on average is a little bit better net, plus I find that the players are a little better, less people playing “go fish” with shit hands.

So I am on a money percentage of about 40%, which is what it needs to be.  So things are back on track that way.