Making an Ass out of Myself

One of the best things about writing blogs is that there is an endless list of things to talk about. All I have to do is find a subject I like, and I can write all day and all night without a blink. This week, I am all over asses. You know, butts, behinds, derrieres, sweet cheeks! I started 2 new blogs recently that deal only with butts and rear views, Bend Over Babe and Asses-X. Both of them feature sexy creatures like teen latina hotty Gigi Spice in hot rear views. This is a topic I can really get my hands on, if you know what i mean!

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet, I got back from a short vacation and got right back to it, getting stuff done as best I can. Don’t forget that many TV stations in the US switched to digital only this week, so you will need your converter box coupon if you want to use your old TV for over the air stuff. In music, Lily Allan almost had the number 1 song in America. What is the world coming too?