Just another day in the life…

Well, happy Sunday to everyone. Just another day that the circus here, working on developing a new thumbnail site (oriented towards solo amateurs and such). The soiftware I am using is from Comus, and it is insanely powerful. Typical of a powerful product, it falls into a category that my old friend Teesey would have referred to as “some powerful it is almost unusable!”. Trying to figure out how to do some simple archive pages was a 3 hour slog through have done documentation and extremely technical wording in the documents that were available. Thankfully the developer has a chat board, and I was able to get their attention and figure how to do the simple thing I wanted.

Now, let me tell you… the end results will be really nice. I have a full announcement in a couple of days, but this will be a really nice site that will give you access to 25+ galleries for each of your favorite amateur girls, and those will update as new galleries become available. It will truly be a nice destination site where you can enjoy a pile of hot galleries and find that special girl I am sure you will want to see more of!

It is snowing again in Montreal today, nothing serious, but considered I still haven’t put snow tires on my car, the situation is starting to get a little bit pressing. 245/45/17 tires are just way to wide for snow, they float like skis, which just isn’t much fun. I was out before with about 1/2 an inch of snow of the ground, and I was almost dead trying to get out of the driveway. Hmm, guess I will have to do something about this… 🙂

Anyway, stay tuned, the new amateur thumbs TGP will be up shortly! 🙂